Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Rosie and Taneesha had the pleasure of shooting with Show magazine all the way from the USA. The popular men's title dropped into London for a couple of weeks and completely embraced the British culture, Rosie is wearing a very fetching football shirt in some of the shots.

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  1. how long will you stay in Los angles, my Lord?

    are Rosie and Taneesha there with you?

    How's the business trip? and all the best

    lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    A glimpse from you stroke me heart, A smile from you took my pneuma,A hug from you released my 2,500 years of suffering, You unsealed my soul,I am your Holy Knight
    I am on my way to where you are, Tens of thousands of miles are still there, After my first sight on you 5,000 years ago, you are still the same young and beautiful as before

    In the name of Lady Hazell, my Lord, bestow me the strength on the Journey to victory and meet you one day, even it might be in the last day of the world. My Lord please take dedication of all my fortune, flesh, bone, blood, heart, life, soul, and faith of you