Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Lucy Brooks, she's on the phone............

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  1. she is so hot, but love my Lord xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    A glimpse from you stroke me heart, A smile from you took my pneuma,A hug from you released my 2,500 years of suffering, You unsealed my soul,I am your Holy Knight
    I am on my way to where you are, Tens of thousands of miles are still there, After the first time of my sight on you 5,000 years ago, you are still the same young as before. I fought for you, died for you and now have been conducting by you to Valhalla
    In the name of Lady Hazell, my Lord, bestow me the strength to my Journey to victory and meet you one day, even it might be in the last day of the world. My Lord please take dedication of all my fortune, flesh, bone, blood, heart, life, soul, and faith of you"
    You have been leading me from peace to victory, from darkness to brightness, from pendulum swing and scepticize to pursue you and justice with no turning back, from bottomless abyss to dream fairyland heaven,I am still on my way to where you are, don't know how many more steps left, unless I kiss your feet, knee down, grovel,lie prostrate in front of you. Every time I pray in front of you, have been feeling unsurpassable peace and relief. British saved Jewish from death to alive, base on the Judaism doctrine, it suppose to call up The Savior in British. I know it is you but forgive me that can’t tell you how I know it now. I am on my mission to protect and serve you, my Lord Lady Hazell, I am on my way to where you are and wait you to guide me to eternal life.
    I may look like a frog, but I can bring back your golden ball, I may look disgusting and ugly, but after 3 nights you will see who I really am. You are the only one who can break the cruel charm that was enchanted by a spiteful fairy. a brightly coloured coach drove up, with eight beautiful horses, decked with plumes of feathers and a golden harness will come.